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Rolling Papers / Cigarette papers

CBD flowers with 3% CBD
Fruity fresh strawberry flavor
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CANVORY - natural freedom.

CANVORY offers you high quality CBD products for your well-being

Our CBD flowers are selected according to strict criteria and naturally and ecologically bred. This ensures from the beginning that our flowers are of particularly high quality and have a THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) content of less than 0.2%. Thus our flowers from EU certified hemp are legally available throughout the European Union.

Our CBD & CBG full-spectrum entourage oils and our cannabis extracts are made from alcohol and other pollutants using the supercritical CO2 extraction process.
Our products are tested in an independent laboratory - this carries out a cannabinoid analysis, as well as tests on bacteria, fungi and mold as well as other pollutants in order to guarantee the highest quality and purity of our products.

GIZEH BLACK King Size Slim Ultrafine Rolling Papers, 34 Sheets GIZEH BLACK King Size Slim Ultrafine Rolling Papers, 34 Sheets
New Out Of Stock
Brand: GIZEH Model: GizehBlackKSS
GIZEH BLACK 14g / m² King Size Slim, are practically transparent, extra fine leaves with a gum of natural gum arabic, the juice of acacia tree. Extra fine paper ensures the pure and pure enjoyment. The leaflets in King Size Slim format, are extra long and pleasantly soft and comfortable to wear. Eac..
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Grinder Crusher Crunsher herb mill, 3-part
New -25 % 2-3 Days
Brand: CANVORY Model: 7640177582652
Simple, inexpensive, good - transparent 3-piece grinder (storage compartment, grinder, lid) made of acrylic. Thanks to its sharp-edged, pyramid-cut acrylic teeth, the herbal grinder grinds herbs, cannabis, tobacco and much more. The lid can be easily closed by magnets.Characteristics:Quality grinder..
2.99€ 3.99€
Ex Tax:2.49€
MARIE Filter Tips Normal / Slim, 35 Filter Tips cigarette filter
New 2-3 Days
Brand: MARIE Model: MARIE Filter Tips
With the MARIE filter tips you can do a lot of funny things. For example, make a flip book. Or you can just use them to indulge in the King Size twist. Because they certainly can do that best - thanks to pre-perforation for easier screwing and the paper fiber barrel for a perfectly round filter tip...
Ex Tax:0.49€
MARIE King Size Slim Ultrafine Rolling Papers + Filter Tips, 34 Sheets
New 2-3 Days
Brand: MARIE Model: MARIE King Size Slim + Filter Tips
Just imagine that: It was a long day. You come home, packed. And then the realization: Right now something important has been forgotten. But do not worry: this can not happen with the handy combination pack from MARIE. Because there are the papers with the filter tips already there. Due to the verti..
Ex Tax:1.66€
MARIE King Size Slim Ultrafine Rolling Papers, 34 Sheets
New 2-3 Days
Brand: MARIE Model: 4002604571838
The uncrowned king among the papers is a pretty majestic apparition with more than 10 centimeters in length. And offers an incredible amount of space for the King Size rotation pleasure. With slow burning off for longer wrap pleasure - the self-rolled goes out, if not drawn to it.MARIE King Size Sli..
Ex Tax:1.16€
MARIE Nature's Friends King Size Slim Ultrafine Rolling Papers Hemp Cigarette Paper, 34 sheets
New 2-3 Days
Brand: MARIE Model: MARIE Nature's Friends King Size Slim
Nature lovers love being in the countryside. That's why you should not have to do without turning it. Like all nature's friends papers, MARIE nature's friends King Size Slim are made from certified organic hemp - it does not get any greener. In Ultrafine paper quality with just 14 g basis weight. Un..
Ex Tax:1.16€
MARIE NATURE’S FRIENDS Rolls Slim Ultrafine Endless papers hemp cigarette paper, 5 meters
New 2-3 Days
Brand: MARIE Model: 411438052
For individualists, hobbyists and self-makers. For Kingsize, Queensize or Regular. For nature boys, flower girls and hip hipster hippies. The MARIE nature's friends Rolls Slim with a paper thickness of 14 g are for those who love the natural turning pleasure: unbleached, made of organic hemp, the ad..
Ex Tax:1.57€
MARIE Rolls Slim Ultrafine Endless Papers cigarette paper, 5 meters
New 2-3 Days
Brand: MARIE Model: 4002604231107
If there's such a thing as a Rolls Royce of Papers, it's MARIE Rolls Slim. Because they have exactly the Austrian quality, which makes a traditional brand. Proud 5-meter content provides a lot of fun as you know and love it. The leaflet length can be determined individually. The paper burns very slo..
Ex Tax:1.57€
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