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CBDHQ isolate Cannabidiol Hydroxy Quinone Extract 98%, 500mg

CBDHQ isolate Cannabidiol Hydroxy Quinone Extract 98%, 500mg
CBDHQ isolate Cannabidiol Hydroxy Quinone Extract 98%, 500mg

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Cannabidiol Hydroxy quinone Isolate 98%, pure CBHQ

Our CBDHQ Isolate is 98% pure, making it the purest form of Cannabidiol Hydroxy Chinon available. It contains almost exclusively cannabidiol hydroxy quinone, as well as traces of other cannabinoids and terpenes. The CBDHQ comes from European certified cannabis plants.

About the production of cannabidiol hydroxy quinone:

CBDHQ is a natural oxidation product of CBD with many potential therapeutic applications. CBD-HQ is produced by the natural aging process of CBD. While little research has been done on the effects of CBD, CBD HQ seems to have the same effect as CBD, but to be many times stronger. This is due in part to the quinone compound. The famous coenzyme Q10-quinone is an example of a strong quinone. Quinones are found in nature and are formed after the oxidation of polyphenols, which are widespread in plants. Our cannabidiol HQ extract is 100% natural. The isolate is derived from organically grown, certified hemp plants (Cannabis sativa L.). It is completely free of harmful pesticides & herbicides as well as other pollutants.

What are the effects of CBD CHQ?

CBD HQ has the same effect as CBD, but is many times stronger. This is partly due to the quinone connection. It is known that quinones have a high bioavailability and are therefore easily digestible, thus it is a very powerful antioxidant. The active ingredient in CBD is CHQ, a natural oxidation product of the known cannabidiol (CBD). CHQ is very rare. A very lengthy and expensive production process, but very valuable for the body. The difference between high-quality CBD and CBD-HQ is enormous. It is a new extract that is many times stronger than CBD.

Some of the more remarkable effects of CBDHQ on the human body are said to be:

- help with nausea

- stimulate the bone structure

- protect the nerves

- Reduce and inhibit inflammation

- relieve epilepsy

- lower high blood sugar levels

- supportive in cancer therapy

- Loosen muscle spasms

- Reduce pain

Use of the CBDHQ Isolate:

Many people use the CBHQ isolate in a vaporizer suitable for oil or wax. You can also mix the isolate with cannabis flowers. Also in oil or wax bongs you can use the cannabidiol HQ extract. Some users use them for tinctures, or in smoothies or other foods. If you want to have a particularly strong effect, let the Islat melt under the tongue. This allows the mucous membranes in the mouth to absorb the CBDHQ, so it comes quickly to a strong effect.