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CBDV Cannabidivarin 45% + CBD Cannabidiol 45% extract, 500mg

CBDV Cannabidivarin 45% + CBD Cannabidiol 45% extract, 500mg
CBDV Cannabidivarin 45% + CBD Cannabidiol 45% extract, 500mg

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Cannabidivarin + Cannabidiol Extract 90%, pure cannabinoids

Our CBDV + CBD extract is 90% pure, making it one of the purest forms of cannabinoids available. It contains almost exclusively cannabidivarin + cannabidiol, as well as traces of other cannabinoids and terpenes. The CBDV + CBD comes from European certified cannabis plants. Cannabidivarin is one of the rarer non-psychoactive substances that occur naturally in cannabis plants. The compound has a chemical structure very similar to its homologue CBD and has similar effects on our body.

How is CBDV different from CBD?

At the molecular level, CBD and CBDV are actually quite similar, they both have seven double bond isomers and 30 stereoisomers. If we compare their real applications, we see the differences. While CBD is often used to treat pain, anxiety, and skin conditions, CBDV has a unique effect on neurological disorders.

Our cannabidivarin extract is 100% natural. The cannabinoid is obtained from organically grown, certified hemp plants (Cannabis Sativa L.). It is completely free from harmful pesticides & herbicides and other pollutants.

What are the effects of Cannabidivarin?

Some of the more notable effects of CBDV on the human body are said to be:

- treatment of autistic disorders

- helps to repair damage and stop nerve wasting in the areas of the brain associated with Rett Syndrome

- relieves neuropathic pain

- works against nausea

- Effective anticonvulsant for seizures such as epilepsy and Parkinson's

- curbs appetite

- supports the repair of bones

- helps reduce acne

Use of the CBDV extract:

Many people use the CBDV extract in a vaporizer (vaporizer) that is suitable for oil or wax. You can also mix the extract with cannabis flowers. You can also use the cannabidivarin extract in oil or wax bongs. Some users use them for tinctures, or in smoothies or other foods. If you want to experience a particularly strong effect, it is best to let the extract melt under the tongue. This allows the mucous membranes in the mouth to absorb the CBDV, so that it has a strong effect quickly.